EVOLV Stride | Setup Guide

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This start-up guide will talk you through unboxing and setting up your Stride electric vehicle. 

Step 1: Open Box

Included in the box you will find a package containing a settings guide, a quality control checklist, user manual, charger, allen key, and 6 screws.

Step 2: Assemble the Stride

  • Lift your electric scooter out of the box and onto a flat surface. 

  • Insert the handle bar assembly into the steering stem. Tuck the LCD communication cable slack into the steering column, making sure not to pinch or force it.

  • Secure the handlebar to steering column with the 6 screws included with your Stride.

Step 3: Unfold the Stride

  • Push the mudguard button down to unhook the steering stem from fender. 

  • Lift the steering column up so its upright.

  • Push the clasp toward the column and secure it. 

  • Ensure the folding mechanism is secured and folding hook is fully engaged, before riding.

Fold the Stride

  • Turn off the power.

  • Slide the silver folding clasp up and unhook the clasp to fold the steering stem down.

  • Fold down the steering post and hook it to the rear mudguard to lock it in place.

Step 4: Brake Check

It's good practice to check the brakes are working before riding. Pull on either brake and give the electric scooter a push forward and back ensuring that the brakes engage properly.

Step 5: Charging

Plug your charger into the wall. The charger will light up green, indicating there is power. The charging port is located on the right side of the deck. Open the charging port cover to connect the charger to your Stride. 

Once plugged in, the charger will turn red, indicating your electric scooter is charging. Once charging is complete, the light will turn green.

Step 6: Start your Stride

Hold down the power switch to turn on the LCD screen. The electric vehicle will automatically turn off after 2 minutes, if not in operation. 

Step 7: Sync with App

Download the Stride Android or iOS mobile app, here.


  • Power Status (Percentage)
  • Total Mileage
  • Speedometer

Customize your ride by turning ON / OFF these settings:

  • Unit: kph / km - mph / miles
  • Zero Start or Kick-to-start
  • Constant Speed Cruise (Cruise Control)
  • Headlight 
  • Toggle between speed modes (Walking Speed / E / D /S)

Fault Scan

Run a quick fault scan for an overview of your vehicle condition. It should display "Normal" if there is no 

failure found.

Step 8: Deck Lights      

Press the power button once to turn on the headlight. The taillight turns on automatically and stays on. 

Turn the headlight ON / OFF with the Stride app.


Step 9: Changing Speed Modes (Walking Speed / E / D / S)

Press the mode (M) button to switch speed levels.

Person Icon - Walking Speed

E (ECO) - Low Speed

D - Medium Speed

- High Speed

Change the speed settings with the Stride app.

Step 10: Kick Start

By default, the Stride kick-start is disabled. It's good practice to kick off before pressing the throttle to 

start riding. Turn the kick-start ON / OFF with the Stride app.


Enjoy your new ride! Please wear a helmet and protective gear before riding!

Download User Manual

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