Battery Care Tips

Modified on Wed, 26 Jan 2022 at 05:41 PM

A couple of tips for battery care: 

1. It's important to not take a battery reading when the electric scooter is in motion with the throttle engaged. The battery reading will always read a voltage pull when the throttle is engaged. Taking a battery reading a few minutes after a ride is generally more accurate. 

2. Avoid charging the electric scooter overnight, or leaving it plugged in when the battery is fully charged. Unplug the charger when the charger light indicates it is fully charged. Generally, lithium-ion batteries get better life in the long run when operating between 20-80% charge

3. When storing for the winter, indoor storage is best at a 50-80% charge. Extreme cold temperatures are generally not good for batteries. If stored unused for several months, it's good practice to plug in the scooter to charge for 30 - 60 minutes every month to prevent the battery from becoming completely drained.

4. When accelerating from a complete stop, give a few kicks to get it in motion before engaging the throttle. This reduces a power drain from the battery from having to propel the scooter from almost stationary.

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