Are electric scooters waterproof?

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Electric scooters are not waterproof. It's important that you know about splash, water, and dust resistance on your electric scooter. And learn what to do if your electric scooter gets wet accidentally.

What is an IP Rating? 

IP ratings provide a standardized scale for dust and water resistance. It is essential to notice, currently, there are no such things as a completely waterproof scooter. And ideally, you want to stay away from water as much as possible. 

The first digit represents the electronic device's protection against debris, and the second number represents its protection from water. 

An “ X “ in either position means no data has been collected. 

Most scooters tolerate normal dust and debris conditions, however, regardless of your scooter's IP rating, it’s never recommended to ride through extreme weather conditions.

IP Rating

Riding Conditions


  • Minimal water resistance, but not guaranteed

  • Not advisable for wet conditions


  • Wet ground

  • Mist/fog

  • Light infrequent rain


  • Light constant rain

  • Occasional puddle


  • Infrequent dusty and rocky roads

  • Wet ground

  • Mist/fog

  • Light infrequent rain


  • Occasional rocky terrain

  • Wet ground

  • Mist/fog

  • Light and infrequent rain


  • Occasional rocky terrain

  • Shallow puddles 

  • Light constant rain


  • All-terrain

  • Shallow puddles

  • Light constant rain


  • All-terrain

  • Heavy constant rain

  • Some shallow immersion

Most of our electric scooters have an IP54 rating, but we do not encourage using your scooter under wet conditions. If your electric scooter does get wet, we recommend drying your vehicle with a towel to prevent the water from sitting on the vehicle for too long.

What happens if I ride in the rain frequently?

Constantly riding in the rain increases the possibility of water entering your scooter, especially in the deck where the battery is stored in most scooters, making it susceptible to water damage. 

Water damage is not covered under warranty. Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.

Regular vehicle check-ups can help catch water ingress early and prevent further damage by cleaning the impacted areas. For serious cases of water damage, the battery will need to be replaced. 

Water damage typically accumulates over time and symptoms won’t appear for months so periodic servicing can reduce preventable repair costs!

To prevent liquid damage, avoid these:

  • Riding your electric scooter in the rain or very wet conditions.
  • Exposing your electric scooter to pressurized water or high-velocity water, such as using a hose to clean your electric scooter.
  • Intentionally submerging your electric scooter in water, such as riding in puddles. 
  • Dropping your electric scooter or subjecting it to other impacts.

If my electric scooter gets wet, can I charge it?

If your electric scooter has been exposed to liquid, do not charge your electric scooter until it's completely dry. Only plug your charger into the electric scooter charging port. Do not touch the charging port with any other item. 

Can I waterproof my vehicle?

Sealing your electric scooter to waterproof it is not recommended since home remedies could lead to the vehicle overheating and blocking water that seeped in to leave. 

Can condensation hurt my vehicle?

Sadly, yes but it's very preventable! Sudden temperature changes can result in condensation forming inside your vehicle. We don’t recommend riding your vehicle in below-zero temperatures but if you do, try to give your scooter a few minutes before bringing it into a warm room. 

NOTE: Electric scooters with no IP rating should be taken care of in the same manner.

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