Can I ride in the rain and wet conditions?

Modified on Thu, 6 Apr, 2023 at 11:19 AM

There is risk of damage when you ride in the rain with every scooter even when they have an IPX water and dust resistant rating. No scooter is fully waterproof and they can not be made completely waterproof.

The IPX54 rating you often see on scooters is for occasional light splashes. When you ride a scooter in the rain and on shiny wet surfaces there is a constant spray of water from the wheels onto the front and rear of the body. The water spray from the wheels of any scooter while riding on wet surfaces is stronger and more significant than the occasional light splashes used in the IPX testing done in controlled conditions.

The IPX rating generally refers to the body in most cases and may but usually does not include all of the other components in the system.

The other consideration is condensation due to changes in temperature inside the scooter body and other components creating moisture inside them.

Many people choose to ride in the rain and claim to have no problems. Water ingress and damage is cumulative and causes more damage over time. Most don't post later when they do have problems.

This is why we attach NOT WATERPROOF stickers on the handle bar area of all of our scooters before delivering them to our customers. In addition to the electrical components water corrodes, rusts and damages the mechanical components too. 

If you are riding in wet conditions you should always dry your scooter off immediately afterwards and store it in a warm dry place.

Be aware no scooter company I know of covers water damage unconditionally under their warranty. The cost of water damage repairs is usually expensive.

As long as you are aware of this and accept the risk of the potential expensive repair costs you can choose the conditions you are comfortable riding in.

You can review our limited warranty HERE that applies to all of our scooters.

You should review and understand the limited warranties of all scooter brands and models you are considering. 

Please also read our article explaining what the IP54 rating on scooters is and what it means.

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