How Do I Prevent Steering Wobble at High Speeds?

Modified on Sun, 09 Oct 2022 at 01:32 PM

We totally understand the need for speed. Just purchased your VSETT 10+ and experiencing steering wobble at high speeds?

Perhaps give yourself some time to get used to the machine before you start riding at high speeds. The VSETT 10+ is not a beginner's vehicle and indeed a fast machine capable of high speeds. Please take it slow and allow yourself to understand the vehicle's handling a little better before pushing it to the limit. 

There are also some adjustments that you can make to your riding style to counter the wobble. It's important to distribute your body weight evenly when riding at high speeds and to not grip the handlebars too tightly. If you do encounter a wobble, do not brake abruptly and let the scooter slow down gradually to get out of the wobble. Most importantly, do not panic. 

As with all vehicles and published top speeds, it all comes down to the operator and how comfortable they are when operating it at high speeds. It is generally recommended to start riding at single motor mode and then gradually increasing to dual motor when in motion (take your finger off the throttle first). 

A steering damper always helps as well. Please check with us to see if we have one available for your model.

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