EVOLV Terra Throttle Settings

Modified on Thu, 10 Nov 2022 at 11:30 AM

To access the settings:

  1. Simultaneously hold both power and mode buttons for 3-4 seconds.
  2. If your display requires a password to access the settings, enter 2-6-2-6 using the Mode button.
  3. Use the power button to cycle forward through the P settings and mode button to cycle backward. Use the Power button to switch fields. Press and hold Power to finalize.
  4. Use the mode button to increase setting value and power button to decrease.

Page No.Page DescriptionTERRA
Motor Wheel Size (inches)8 inches
P01Low voltage cut-off (accuracy 0.5)40V
P02Motor pole pairs (pair),
pole pairs = number of magnetic steel pieces divided by 2
P03Choice of Speed Signal: Do Not Change1
Speed Display:
(0) km/h
(1) mp/h
P05(0) Zero Start
(1) Non-Zero Start
P06(0) Cruise is invalid
(1) Cruise is valid
P07Soft and Hard start selection:
(0) Hard start
(1) Soft start
P08Percent Speed Limit: (5% minimum to 100% maximum)100
P09E-ABS Intensity:
(0) Turn Off
(1) Weak (recommended)
(2) Strong

Error Codes (See Dashboard Manual for error code meanings & Diagnostics):

Brake Sensor Error
Motor Error
Throttle Error
Controller Error

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